Seed provides academic and ESL programs that help refugee families thrive in the Bay Area.

We work with a team of education professionals, teachers, and trained volunteers to offer ongoing programs such as our Seed Homework Club (for students K-12) and Adult English Second Language classes - all free of cost.

Our Mission & vision

Our mission is to support and empower refugees families adjusting to life in the Bay Area by helping them acquire the language skills, academic resources, and cultural knowledge they need to succeed and thrive. We aim to build meaningful relationships with families, accompanying them on their journey of settling into a new community and country. Through our varied education programs, community get-togethers, and more, we also seek to cultivate a community defined by growth and love for our families, volunteers, and staff.


Growth & Progress

SEED is a place where everyone has the opportunity to grow and progress academically, linguistically, and socially. We believe in the ability and potential of our students, and work closely with them so that they acquire the knowledge and self-confidence they need to succeed. No matter who you are or where you begin, we all have room to grow - and we’re here to help and encourage each other in this process.


We seek to cultivate a loving community where families, volunteers and staff can grow in a safe and supportive environment. We also celebrate birthdays, holidays, and each other’s accomplishments together, and gather for fun events and outings.

Openness & Acceptance

SEED is a diverse community made up of families, volunteers, and staff who speak different languages and come from different cultures. We seek to welcome everyone with love and respect and maintain a safe environment characterized by openness and acceptance for all members of our community.